SANS, Spay and Neuter Syracuse is a non-profit low cost spay and neuter clinic devoted to the sterilization of homeless animals and pets. SANS opened its doors in 2005 and since that time has altered more than 20,000 animals. Our clinic serves the community by offering low-cost spays and neuters to people of low income, students, veterans, rescuers and shelters.

Our mission is to reduce the pet over-population in Central New York by:

  1. Performing high quality sterilization surgeries for dogs and cats to prevent homeless animals from being born.
  2. Educating the public about dog and cat overpopulation, sterilization and responsible animal ownership.
  3. Providing exemplary services that are low cost for financially disadvantaged families by caring, friendly and professional staff.

Today, SANS Spay and Neuter Clinic continues to grow operating 4-5 days a week performing between 18 and 20 surgeries each day.

Our Schedule

Our schedule changes monthly with as many as 15+ clinics a month both on weekdays and on weekends. Registration is required in advance by calling (315) 834-0141. Please leave a message and your call will be returned as soon as our volunteers are able. Pets that are dropped off at SANS in the morning between 8am-9am and are usually discharged on the same day. We ask owners/caretakers to fill out a brief form with contact information, information on your pet and to sign a medical release form. Our Office Assistant will call you and give a time to pick up your pet after they have fully recovered. Special arrangements can be made if needed. Post-op instructions are provided at the time of pick-up and any questions will be answered by our Office Assistant.


All procedures are done at cost for non-profit shelters, rescue groups, caretakers of feral cats and persons of low income who meet eligibility requirements (Medicaid, SSI, HEAP, or other public assistance). The cost for spaying and neutering are package prices which include surgery, vaccinations for rabies and distemper, flea treatment, ear clean & nail trim. We accept cash, money orders and Visa/Mastercard.

Male Neutering

Neutering is the surgical procedure performed on male cats and dogs. General anesthesia is used and no sutures (stitches) are used on male cats.

Female Spaying

Spaying is also known as an ovarian hysterectomy. It is the procedure performed on female cats and dogs. General anesthesia is used. We use sutures which dissolve, so no return visit is required for removal of the stitches. However, owners and caretakers are instructed to monitor the incision sites daily for at least a week post surgery. Dogs and cats are anesthetized for both of these procedures. Pain medication is provided as part of our standard anesthetic protocol. The surgeries are performed by a skilled veterinarian and assisted by a licensed veterinary technician. Animals are closely monitored after surgery by our trained staff.


CATS Male Cat Neuter: $70.00** Male Cat Cryptochid Neuter: 90.00** Cryptorchidism is the absence of one or both testes from the scrotum Female Cat Spay: $95.00 (no extra $$$ if in heat or pregnant)** DOGS Male Dog Neuter: $105.00 (mandatory HWT if 6months +) Male Dog Cryptochid Neuter: 115.00 Female Dog Spay by Dog’s Weight: Under 20 lbs: $145.00 20.1 – 35 lbs: $155.00 35.1 – 50 lbs: $165.00 (Mandatory Heart Worm Testing if 6 month +) and (+$25.00 if in heat) We will not spay if we know the dog is PREGNANT. We will offer a veterinary referral handling such cases. For animals scheduled for spay / neuter appointments that are determined upon examination to already be spayed / neutered, a flat rate of $30 will be charged if no tests are required and a flat rate of $50 will be charged if tests are required. All surgeries include the following: Exam, vaccines, flea treatment, ear clean, & nail trim. We do not deduct cost of vaccines if animal is Up To Date. The minimum weight to spay/neuter your pet is 4 pounds for both dogs and cats ** PLEASE NOTE: We do offer and highly recommend Felv/FIV testing for $15.00! Pricing effective January 1, 2015

About Us

About SANS SANS Spay and Neuter Syracuse was founded by the Syracuse Onondaga Cat Council. The Council was comprised of local veterinarians, licensed veterinary technicians, rescuers and concerned citizens who banded together in an effort to address the animal overpopulation problem in Central New York. SANS Spay and Neuter Clinic is a project of the Syracuse Onondaga Cat Council. SANS first opened its doors on November 13, 2005. It is the first and only low-cost spay and neuter clinic in Onondaga County. Board of Directors The SANS Board of Directors is an active Board, involved in all aspects of the organization. The Board provides experience needed to achieve the strategic goals of the SANS organization as defined by the mission statement. SANS is dedicated to ending pet overpopulation in Syracuse and the surrounding area by providing low-cost spay and neuter services for pets that belong to low-income persons, shelter animals, and rescue organizations. Board Officers: President – Dr. Michael Moynihan Vice President – Karen Storne Secretary – Peggy Ries Treasurer - Christine Dillingham, CPA Members-at-Large: Dan McClung Laura Cook Mike Woloszyn Leah Pekarsky

Pawcasso 2016

We are excited to anounce that our biggest fundraiser of the year is coming up on Saturday, April 30, 2016. This is a big one: it's our 10 year aniversery of Pawcasso, a silent auction with lots of exciting items!

More information will be coming soon, so please check back.

If you are interested in attending, advanced tickets are on sale now!

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